For you, it is the ideal bug management cloud platform.

Whether fix a bug or add a new feature, pgyer’s bug management cloud can provide you with the best platform. Convenient teamwork, lightweight project management, complete problem system, and large-capacity file storage. All of those make you work more elegant and efficient.

Problem system, it can be used most intuitively.

Problem can be managed in a flexible and diverse way. Create at your fingertips, so that the problem creation becomes simpler and more convenient. Priority, type, status, property of the problem gives an intuitional connection between the states. Meanwhile, you can add comments and view dynamics whenever you need.

Workflow, it is comprehensive and clear.

A complete workflow has been prepared for all teams. From the new to the closing, every issue has a very clear workflow. Every step of the workflow can be assigned to your team members and the complete progress of each member is clearly visible. Clear workflow makes you work more organized.

Project management, it has never been easier.

We provide the most lightweight project management platform. All you need is an account of pgyer, you can manage projects at the same time, including you created and participated. Here the statistics, dynamics, members and problems of the project can be readily perceived. Different projects attach different mood cards, which make your project management more interesting.

Statistics, analysis at a glance

An elegent statistics charts turns out data more clearly. In Bug Cloud, we prepared couple useful statistics charts to show up each issues and every single task's status.

Web page widget, you can not imagine the convenience

We have extension tool for all famous browsers. In Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, you could very easy to find our extension in those browser's app store. One click for capture screenshot and report issues directly into Bug Cloud system.

We have prepared more than you thought.

Files sharing can be treated as online storage for your project. Files can be visited and downloaded at any time, which supports all kind of format. Meanwhile, permissions for your team members increase the variety of roles. As to manager, developer and tester, it makes the cooperation more convenient.

What function do you need