Multiple options, Multiple needs

Apply to personal, team, business


¥ 0 / Month Each person needs only 0 RMB per day    

10 members per project

10 projects

10G per project space

Maximum 20M per file

12% off preferential purchase by year

¥ 128 / Month Each person needs only 0.21 RMB per day

20 members per project

20 projects

50G per project space

Maximum 200M per file

12% off preferential purchase by year

¥ 488 / Month Each person needs only 0.16 RMB per day

100 members per project

Unlimited number of projects

No restriction on project space

No restriction on file size


What is the difference between the charge and the free version?

The charge version of the Tracup adds the number of members, the number of projects, the space of the project, and the restrictions on the upload of files than the free version. Tracup can be used with more sufficient conditions for the number of members or large teams.

Is there an experience version?

Our basic version provides the all product functionality for the user and is free . The advanced and professional versions are used for more demanding individuals or businesses and offer a one month trial.

Does version upgrade affect previous project data?

After the purchase of a fee package, there is no impact on the previous user's application and version. We will help you keep all the project data, user information and so on. Then the use will be updated from the date of the payment.

What should I do if the number of projects is not enough?

When the number of members in the project is not enough, you can choose to upgrade the current scheme to get more members. If the number of current sets is still not enough, contact our customer service E-mail:

What kind of payment is there? How to get the invoice?

Our service currently supports Alipay, WeChat payment and the remittance of public transfers in three ways. All of our services are invoiced. In the management of the bills, please choose invoices for the purchased. The clients of the public transfer can contact our salesman directly.