Build the simplest and most efficient bug management system.
Our system is lightweight and convenient in bug management. It tracks bug in a simple and efficient way, which combines bug management with teamwork perfectly. Actually, coding is an elegant art.

One platform meets multiple functional requirements.

We focus on bug management, but not only on it. With complete workflow and lightweight project management, the teamwork will become simpler and much efficient.

Project management

Bug tracking


Files share

Team work

Member management


Website widget

Upload screenshot


Version control


The easiest start, the most convenient usage.

Without any downloads, a project can be built in the cloud. Before bug management starts instantly, you should invite your team members at first. Similarly, you can also accept the invitations from others.

Multiple usage scenarios for different team characteristics

Whatever your company is large corporation, small-to-medium-sized startups or individual team, our platform can be used for any purposes. It meets multiple usage scenarios and usage modes from different teams.

Dealing with bug in the most elegant way, start using now.

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